• Pedro Rubio for Public Safety and Better Schools

  • Pedro Rubio for Public Safety and Better Schools



Dear Neighbors and Friends of Ward 4,

We’ve improved our community in incredible ways over the past year.

Our combined efforts have seen us reach crucial milestones in education, pedestrian safety, economic development, affordable housing, and community cohesion. But I’m writing to tell you that I’d like to do more. I’d like to become the Ward 4 council member District of Columbia and I wanted you to be the first to know.

I already dedicate much of my time and resources to improving the lives of Ward 4 residents. A council seat will allow me to make an even greater impact, but I can’t win this seat without your support.

 Some of my recent contributions to our area include:

  • Ward 4 Education Alliance

We co-founded Ward 4 Education Alliance to campaign for the improvement of our ward’s public schools. We’ve already opened up a dialogue on academic planning at Roosevelt High School and we continue to press for the renovation of Coolidge High School. I want to carry on working with you to reopen our middle schools and improve our existing schools. (www.ward4ed.org)

  • Six Principles – Education Advocate Group

I’m one of 78 DC education advocates who came together on September 30th 2014 to ask current and prospective elected officials to commit to improving our neighborhood schools. We agreed on six principles against which to hold our elected officials to account. I hope to champion these principles from my own elected position. (www.dceducationelection.org)

  • All Walks DC – Pedestrian Safety

We co-founded DC’s first pedestrian advocacy group, All Walks DC. We ensure that pedestrians can walk with confidence – whether it's our seniors crossing the streets, parents and children going to our parks, or our students going to school. We've already made excellent progress toward implementing a Vision Zero program alongside the City Council. This program willaim for no pedestrians or cyclists to be killed or injured because of motor vehicle accidents anywhere in DC. Our successful #DCblockwalk campaign has also brought in a new requirement for developers to provide safe passage for pedestrians whenever construction equipment or materials block a sidewalk. I want to continue improving safety on our streets. (www.allwalksdc.org)

  • Kennedy Street Development Association –Economic Development

I’m an active member of KSDA and have helped to promote many Kennedy Street businesses including Culture Coffee, Centeno’s, and Andrene’s Soul. I’ve also supported efforts to begin the long-delayed Kennedy Street Scape Improvement Project. I want to bring more businesses to Kennedy Street and further improve the Kennedy Street/Georgia Avenue corridor.(www.kennedystreetnw.org)

  • Hebrew Home - Affordable Housing

I’ve spent the past few months working with Jews United for Justice on their new campaign for affordable housing. Together we rallied the Ward 4 community to support redevelopment of the former Hebrew Home into 100% affordable housing for seniors and families. Our calls, emails, and meetings with city officials eventually paid off, and the community was presented with a proposal that closely matched our demands.I want to build more affordable housing in Ward 4 and across DC.

  • 16th Street Heights Civic Association –Community Cohesion

I’m now working to revitalize the 16th Street Heights Civic Association. I was elected as President of the Association by neighbors who saw my commitment to the area and believed in my vision for uniting the community. This week I will launch a neighborhood watch program to eliminate crime in our area.I look forward to improving safety and cleanliness in other neighborhoods, creating more great places in which to live.(www.sshcadc.com)

I’ve helped to achieve these results for Ward 4 by attending 3-4 community meetings each and every week. I do all of this on top of my job as a procurement manager at the Department of Energy (contractor), and I have a personal mission to work with my church to end homelessness and human trafficking across DC. I have the experience, proven record, and commitment required to make our ward a better place for you and your family.

 My experience with other elections has shown me how to build a winning campaign, but my success depends on your backing and approval. Please support me in becoming your next Ward 4 council member – and together we can make changes that benefit our city today, tomorrow and long into the future.



Pedro Rubio

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